1. For a quick introduction tutorial, that takes less than 5 minutes, please click here Intro to YOURNAMEBADGES.COM

2. For a more advanced tutorial, that takes less than 4 minutes, please click here for the Advanced Tutorial

3. To submit a Logo for your website the image size for the  should be 320x112 pixels and send it to with the subject line that has your Distributor ID





EMAIL Settings

The team at automatically send notices out as things happen affecting your account, your order and your releases.

There are 3 levels of email settings for your account.

1. Email address which receives ALL emails for all of your company's orders, is set when we create your account. This is usually your office manager.

2. Email address which receives any email that pertains to a specific order. We set that email address when we first enter your order. You can add more email addresses in your Profile area by selecting the button labeled MORE EMAILS. The email addresses set here will be linked to specific orders, which you designate. This is usually the salesperson and the client.

3. Email address which receives emails linked to only a specific Release. You have an opportunity to input this email address when you (or your authorized Client) create/edit a New Release.  This is usually the recipient of the namebadge.