About us

YourNameBadges.com was designed to make creating personalized name badges and managing releases (fulfillments) quick and simple.

When you send in your original order for badges, you will be issued both a Program ID and Password. Then, you can login to our site and start creating badge releases as you need them. The minimum release is just 1 piece but you can release as many as you need in one session.

Once the release is in our system you will receive confirmation and be able to see it on the screen summary as well as on the detail screen. If you need to change any aspect of the release, please Contact Us.

From your Profile Screen you will be able to give access to others in your organization. We have even set up a special website for your client to have access, if you wish. Since we will automatically send you an email when the release is shipped, you can also add others to that email distribution list. These options can all be set from Your Profile screen.

When the first sample badge is made we will post its picture in the Current Orders section and on the Detail Pages. If your Requested Ship Date is critical, please be sure to let us know and we will work with you to make it happen. If you prefer to ship via a carrier other than the default method on the order, simply indicate that when you Create a Release. When your release is completed and sent, you will get an email confirmation.

We’re looking forward to being your one-and-only source for high-quality, value-priced, personalized name badges.

Thank you, from the YourNameBadges.com team!

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